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Setup files etc.

Here, you will find the most current downloads for lexiCan Business – setup files, iFilter and dictionaries for spell checking. lexiCan is absolutely ad-free. No additional software or spyware will be installed on your computer or offered as an optional download.

lexiCan Business can be used by 1 editor and 2 readers without functional restrictions and unlimited in time, with 1 project and 50 articles.


lexiCan 6 Business - Download

>> Download for program version 4 and 5


The ZIP file contains the installation files for all components including the optional web client +WEB. For a successful installation and configuration of the system, please refer to the Quick Installation Guide included in the package and to our documentation.

You can use the following table to load specific installation files for individual components of the program series 6.


lexiCan 6 Business Clientsoftware  
Service pack 3 v6.3.6  
Service pack 2 v6.2.6  
Service pack 1 v6.1.4  
initiale version v6.0.14  
lexiCan 6 Business Administrator  
Service pack 3 v6.3.5  
Service pack 2 v6.2.3  
Service pack 1 v6.1.4  
initiale version v6.0.15  
lexiCan 6 Business Server  
Service pack 3 v6.3.5  
Service pack 2 v6.2.2  
Service pack 1 v6.1.2  
initiale version v6.0.16  
lexiCan +WEB  



IFilter for indexing of PDF-files

To ensure that the contents of PDF files are also indexed, a so-called IFilter functionality must be installed. We recommend the Adobe filters, which you can download below for installation. The filter needs to be installed on your server.


Adobe PDF IFilter v6 (32-Bit) – Download

Adobe PDF IFilter v9 (64-Bit) – Download



Dictionaries for spell check

Select a language to download the requested language pack as a ZIP file.

For information on the proper use of the language files and the related processes, please read the corresponding article in the help manual.



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