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The scope of a license for lexiCan Business is always based on the specific needs of your team or business. To help us better assist you, please complete the below form or call us at +49 69 8509 6978. We are happy to advise on the solution that’s best for you.

Licensing is based on the concurrent user model. The scope of the license is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. This means that the total number of users authorized to access or use the software is not relevant but the actual number of concurrent users who are logged on to the program at any given time. You can choose between licenses for editors (read/write license) and licenses for readers (read only license). Many times, the number of users can only be estimated. However, this is not a problem; our quotation contains all unit prices, and more licenses can be ordered at any time.

In case an Active Directory is used for system authorization (single sing on) and the system is accessed via client software editor licences are considered. If the system is accessed via web interface +WEB reader licences are allocated preferentially.

How many users should be able to work with lexiCan simultaneously?

* lexiCan +WEB is a website whose interface design can be customized to match your corporate design.

If you purchase lexiCan Business as on-premises software you will use your own IT infrastructure to operate lexiCan and store your data. As an alternative, you may opt for lexiCan Cloud where we make available our European servers for use on the Internet.

Would you like to send us more information about your individual application scenario? Do you have questions about lexiCan technology or use? Contact us!    

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