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The comfortable and efficient Wiki solution for teams
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Are you having a hard time finding your information in files and in the standard Windows directory structure? Does your team require a support database? lexiCan Business offers you an easy-to-use platform for fast and effortless availability opening up a whole new dimension of efficient knowledge management.

Unlimited trial period for up to 4 users
Should you have any questions or needs of support even during testing phase, please use the form to get in contact with us.
Submit your request for a quotation aligned to your needs including the upgrade to version 6 at no charge



Wide range of applications

lexiCan allows you to map virtually all knowledge of your team or business.

Knowledge base – Use lexiCan as support database, as digital handbook and for the documentation of extensive technical information or work instructions. lexiCan is already widely used as electronic organization manual.

Use in management systems – lexiCan makes sure you fulfill the documentation requirements for systems of quality management, risk management, compliance, information security etc. Use lexiCan for defining and implementing your systems and the related activities such as the identification of requirements, error recording, CIP measures etc.

Use in project management – as project manager, you can use lexiCan as single point of information and as a tool for the effective and centralized provision of information to all project participants.


Program features and service

The basic functions and MS Office-like user interface of lexiCan Business are identical to lexiCan Personal. But as a knowledge base with client-server technology, lexiCan Business additionally meets the requirements for teams and businesses.

MS Office work environment – Thanks to its user-friendly MS Office-like design, lexiCan allows for quick familiarization and meets with high acceptance by colleagues and employees.

Maximum organization and easy retrieval even for extensive data collections – List views with dynamic filters and a structuring function allow you to keep track of even extensive data collections.

Powerful search functions – lexiCan indexes simply everything, making it easy for you, your colleagues and employees to rapidly and reliably find all the information you are looking for using the search function – even in copied or linked files.

Easy linking of contents – Easily create links to articles, files or sources; benefit from the multiple assignment feature for linking articles in the outline view, and freely navigate between your information.

Identity and Access Management – lexiCan’s systems administration offers you maximum flexibility for the definition of approvals and access rights. It also supports Active Directory including single sign-on.

Detailed documentation and professional support – The lexiCan team offers you detailed documentation in German and English and provides you with personal support via telephone or remote maintenance tool. Training courses and coachings round off our range of services. 



Optional cloud solution

lexiCan Business is available as licensed on-premises software or as cloud solution. If you purchase a license for an on-premises application, you use your own hardware to operate lexiCan and store data. Alternatively, you may opt for our cloud solution where you rent our servers to host your application under the agreed licensing terms. All you need is an Internet connection and the client software for communication on your computer – we will take care of everything else! Of course, you can test our cloud in advance. Contact us for a detailed consultation.



System requirements

Use Windows version 7 or higher or Windows Server version 2008 or higher to run the user client and server. Further requirements are: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher (extended version for the server) and, if you wish to use the web interface lexiCan +WEB (see section below), Microsoft Internet Information Services from version 6.0.


Should you have any questions or needs of support even during testing phase, please use the form to contact our support.

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